Diego Espinoza


From the Inner City

The experiences that mold oneself are commanded by the Lord. We can’t chose where we are born, our skin color, or our primary language. Coming from the inner city of Caracas, Venezuela through the plantations of Georgia, winding through the Ozarks, and culminating with the hoods of Memphis, these experiences have served to equip me with the tools that are needed for the job. God placed in my heart a desire for the underserved, uninsured and undocumented of North America and he has given me a variety of experiences to wade through the waters of entrepreneurship. Come see how God can use my experiences to catapult you into your own adventure, where it is God who gets the glory.


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  • Ravi


    Beloved Brother Diego Espinoza in Christ Greetings to you from Ashakiran Rural Medical Mission India in the most precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - Grace and Peace be unto you from the Father which is heaven - Amen. Dear Brother I am Pastor Ravi kumar serving the Lord in Telugu Baptist Church and we are running an NGO called Ashakiran Rural Medical Mission which is working for rural communities on Health, Education and Community Development. We would like to know about you and your mission if God willing we will be waiting for your valuable reply in this regard. Thank you and God bless you Sincerely in Christ Pastor.Ravi kumar ( Telugu Baptist Church) Ashakiran Rural Medical Mission (Director) India. www.ashakiranindia.org (which means Ray of Hope)