Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare

TECH is a membership association providing Global Healthcare Honoring God.

Our Mission & Vision

TECH is a community of Christian ministries connecting members with appropriate resources, information, and education, maximizing their mission impact by improving the quality of global healthcare.




"I am an “old” doctor/surgeon type but I have utilized many of the TECH members and their organizations for many, many years.   Desperately, we contacted Rick King a few weeks ago from Egbe Hospital in Nigeria where our large CHOSEN sterilizer quit working.   I am the one who got the sterilizer from Rick years ago so I had a vested interest in it.  Fortunately, we found that the door had been screwed on too tight and it was a relatively easy fix for our hospital “mechanics,”  not biomedical engineers.    


I have gone to at least 30 mission hospitals and have make good use of the knowledge and supplies of many of your members over 40 years. "  

Dr. Louis L. Carter, Jr. MD FACS

"I sent a request out this morning to help match a recent college grad, bound for medical school, with an appropriate medical mission trip.  Seven of you QUICKLY replied J.  I have forwarded the student your information and replied individually to all of you, but wanted to thank our TECH membership for the great response, complete with such helpful details!!


I’m so glad to work with all of you, mentoring in the next generation to meet the medical needs of those without adequate healthcare, for the glory of the Lord, Jesus Christ!"




Sandy Andrassy, BSN-RN
New Covenant World Mission- Hospital Shalom

"Thank you for doing such a great job along with the Board Of Directors on the TECH Conference.  It was the best and most informative one we have ever attended.  With the Breakout sessions for the entire group, everyone was exposed to new information.  Really exciting information."


Judy Nuñez


Friends of the Disabled Latin America (FRIDLA)

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