Doug Lindberg

My wife Ruth and I have two children (Maddie born 2008, James born 2011). We are both family physicians. We served with TEAM in Nepal for 4 years (2009-2013), and envisioned serving there for our whole career. I served as the medical director and as an attending physician at HDCS TEAM Hospital Dadeldhura. God called us back here after a series of family health crises, including Ruth having stage IV cancer which He has since miraculously healed her from! We are now thrilled to again be engaged vocationally in missions, as I have now stepped into this role with CMDA's Center for Advancing Healthcare Missions. CMDA is here to support you and serve as a resource as you consider missions, prepare for missions, when you're on the field, and during re-entry. The Center has been a tremendous blessing to Ruth and I before, during, and after our years in Nepal, and I love now having the privilege of supporting and advocating for others in this role!