Poppy Smith

Poppy Smith, Speaker-Author, Domestic Abuse Advocate

Poppy is British, married to Jim, an American doc she met in Kenya. Arriving in America as a 22 year-old bride, she didn't know that a surgical residency would consume her husband's time, energy, and life. Loneliness, adapting to a foreign culture, and having no family or friends around soon turned their romance into misery. Then God stepped in, opening Poppy's eyes to what she didn't know before, or after, saying "I Do." Poppy and Jim were involved for many years with the CMDA/CME conference in Kenya/Asia where Poppy was the Spiritual Growth leader for the spouse's program. She is a former BIBLE STUDY FELLOWSHIP TEACHER, has a MASTERS IN SPIRITUAL FORMATION AND DIRECTION, and is a multi-published author. She has equipped and encouraged audiences across the US and spoken to nationals, missionaries, and expats in over twenty countries. Her passion is inspiring believers to experience the power of Scripture and God's Spirit to change their attitudes, choices, and lives. Using Scripture, humor, and colorful illustrations from her own struggles to be more like Jesus, Poppy will encourage you to see both waiting and marriage as God's school for spiritual growth.