Joseph Daniel

I am a Market Place Worker, working in the Unreached world.

Are you a nurse? Are you a pharmacist? A doctor? A physical therapist? A medical professional? Then you ARE a Market Place Worker. Go to the Unreached World now! Bring your job, your family, live with air conditioning and pay your own way! Ninety percent of the world's Unreached Non-Christians live in closed countries, and the typical "missionary" can no longer get into those places. However, these same countries have a huge need for skilled workers, and will give precious visas to pharmacists, nurses, doctors, physical/occupational therapists, etc. Christian professionals who go are the emerging face of missions in closed countries. These Market Place Workers are using their medical skills to get into closed countries, to go the Unreached, and to the ends of the earth. Dr. Joseph Daniel is a Market Place Worker, and has been living in Asia for the last 6+ years, with his wife and four children. He is nothing special, but feels that he is a part of His something special. God grabbed him at age 23, and he has never been the same. He is a disciple of the One true God, a husband, father, sometime guitar player, occasional runner, and frequent kid wrestler. Oh, and he works as a physician in his free time.