Goer Cohort

hosted by: David in Christ

November 12 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Main Building ED 213

Meeting Overview

Goer Cohorts are for those focused on leaving their homeland as longterm career goers to the unreached. Goer Cohorts are ONLY for those going to the UNREACHED and within the next 5 years (NOT for those just “checkin’ it out”). We are all active on a prayer team for the unreached that meets weekly and then we as a Cohort meet virtually every two months for two hours where we get to know each other, memorize and study Scriptures, practice Jesus stories, and discuss with active field workers & mobilizers regarding disciple-making strategy, goer barriers, cross-cultural insights, agencies, our personal questions, etc.

If interested, love to see you at the meal or please email goercohort@gmail.com. No food is provided--please bring your box lunch to the meeting.