Welcome to the MedicalMissions.com Podcast

This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Building A Plan for Missions

This session is for those considering full-time missions – internationally and/or in the US. Hear healthcare missionaries share their own journeys and answers to five key questions: What if my spouse or potential spouse, family or friends are not supportive of me doing missions? How can I be missional now? What about student loans, raising financial support? How do I find God’s guidance in the journey? Why and how do I connect with a mentor or agency or team or training? The last hour will be spent in a discussion group with a missionary coach. You may select a group that fits your current stage on the journey: Exploring whether or not to consider full-time missions Heading towards full-time missions with where, etc. to be decided Planning towards full-time missions with a focus already in view And also whether you are: Single Married and no children Married with children Discover hope, learn key resources, meet others, and take steps on the journey to full-time missions.

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The Biblical Call to Disaster Response

What should be the biblical response to disaster? Elliott and Ken explain in their plenary session how a Christian can effective minister in the mists of difficult circumstances.   

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Building a long-lasting support community

When you feel God leading your life (generally or specifically), you know need others to support you on this journey. Unfortunately, even though we engage people daily on a variety of levels, we often times find ourselves overburdened and distracted by life. As a result, even though your heart desires deep and long-lasting community, you cannot engage as deeply as you would like. When the time comes when support is truly needed, it feels like you are starting from square one again. I know what this feels like and I want to show you today how you can begin to create the community that you need so when God finally begins showing you specific actions to take, you will have an army at your back supporting and encouraging you. We will take a deeper dive into the Missional.Life Roadmap tool that you have been introduced to in the main sessions. Additionally, we will dig into principles and practices to guide your next few months... and give you time to start your plan today. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step... and you are never alone. Find out more by visiting missional.life or joining our engaging session!

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Women in Mission

During this session some of the unique challenges and opportunities for women in missions will be presented. Participants will gain understanding regarding overcoming obstacles and barriers and how best to prepare for mission service. The presenter will illustrate the ideas through her own story.

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Singles in Healthcare Missions

Single medical professionals are resilient in a cross-cultural setting and have the opportunity to be highly effective in service. The greatest challenges impact the personal home life of the individual. Applications to increase resiliency in the personal life will be explored with attention given to the relational and sexual domains of life. The worship will include a presentation followed by designated time to pose questions and dialog about the material.

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