Even during a pandemic, our e3 Medical Virtual ministry to children is an exciting, fun and sometimes heartbreaking ministry. In a Middle Eastern country, one of our Brothers has a monthly ministry with 55 children who are extremely poor, many are living on the streets. 

This Brother shared a dream he had of providing new shoes to these 55 children. We shared the need with a few people in the US and thanks to them, and thank you to a local shoe merchant we got a great discount for the shoes.  

Our Brother and one of our Sisters delivered the shoes to the 55 children and told them they were a free gift like Jesus’ love. They shared the Gospel and prayed for each one.

When our Brother and Sister brought shoes to one family, one son (7 or 8) asked if he could have shoes that would light up. Our Sister told him she did not buy any shoes that had lights. Those shoes were hard to find and expensive.

The boy said: I asked God for shoes with a light. 

Our Sister said: I’m sorry, there are no shoes with lights.

He said: Can I look in the bag? I asked God for them.

Guess what? 

Because of his faith in God, he looked into the bag of shoes and dug around looking. 

Of course God answered!! 

There was one pair of shoes that would light up and they were in his size!!! 

See the blue light shining on the bottom of the shoe covering his sweet face. 

He was beside himself with excitement!! Pray he truly becomes a man of prayer shining the light of Jesus throughout this country! (Yes, I cried!)



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