Welcome to the MedicalMissions.com Podcast

This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Hacks Happen: Staying Internet Secure

This session will cover both the technical and social engineering side of protecting one's personal information & organizational data in the missions field. In this we will cover the dos and don'ts of using technology services as well as train user in identifying social engineering scams hackers use to bypass security technologies.

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The Dark Night of the Soul: Mental Health from a Christian Perspective

What does the Bible have to say about mental illness? Are Psychiatry and Christianity diametrically opposed? What is the global burden of mental health and what is our role as believers? In this session, we will explore answer to these questions and the need for a holistic approach to care that addresses the mind, body, and spirit.

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Identity of Singleness

Working as a single in your home country is hard. It is as hard or harder working as a single overseas. God provides for the single just as He provides for a couple. Are you single? Are you satisfied? Or are you waiting? Living in 'the in between' is hard mentally and spiritually. There is hope in the journey!

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Global Trends for Marketplace Workers

Our generation faces the reality of a world where 3 Billion will spend a lifetime never hearing the good news of Jesus. We are simply not in the neighborhoods and marketplaces where the majority of these unreached live. We dream of a different reality - a follower of Jesus imbedded in every community. A follower of Jesus in every place of work - embracing their God-given design to reflect the glory of God to those around them. Join us for this session as we dive into the open opportunities around the world and how real professionals are being intentional in strategic cities.

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Addiction and Toxicology

This breakout session will discuss key issues surrounding health effects of prenatal exposure to opioids and provide information on some of the successful approaches to treating withdrawal in these children.

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